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Poetic Earth Artists

At Poetic Earth, we lead by example, our founder travels the world in search of the best possible resources, all the while creating amazing designs that emboss these wonderful leather products. On his travels, he has met many wonderful people and artists whom he collaborates with to bring you the most unique and finest quality leather journals.

FOUNDER & ARTIST Steven Malone

Poetic Earth is the inspiration born through my love for nature, world history and my ongoing fascination with travels through over 51 countries… Living out of a backpack for extended periods gives a person the chance to experience the magic in life, up close, personal and homegrown. The many different cultures, music, and historic sites always seem to contain an Earthly poetry that speaks and sings its very own song. I have always been one to keep a journal – a diary so in my own way I could record that song or inner poem in the manner that it was first revealed to me… It is unique to each person.

Some things in life never go out of style, even in this fast-paced era of mass production, computers and online blogs. As we advance upon this path within this age of technology, the need for a tangible connection with past generations that came before us becomes greater. there are certain pleasures that one can find in owning a handmade leather journal that are missing in a world dominated by the internet.

Poetic Earth’s handmade leather journals, artist sketch books and satchels are handcrafted one at a time. We invite you to entrust your memories and creative whims to the pages of our acid-free, handmade, archival quality, linen-cotton parchment paper. 


Welsh Artist Jen Delyth creates original Celtic Art, inspired by the Spirit in Nature, Celtic mythology and symbolism. Jen’s original Celtic Artwork appeals to those who seek meaningful, profound images expressing deep and essential aspects of the Celtic tradition.

CELTIC ARTIST Courtney Davis

Courtney Davis is the world’s leading exponent of Celtic art. His incredible works capture the magic and mystery of the ancient Celts in a manner unparalleled by any other artist. His paintings use the same techniques and symbolism employed by the Celts, an echo of the past when man viewed the world with more spiritual eyes.