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Parchment Paper

Each Poetic Earth journal has roughly 150 sheets of heirloom-quality handmade linen parchment paper. A truly good journal begs the user to write within its pages. Look closely and you will see the beautiful woven linen pattern in the tree-free paper of our journals.


Our Linen-Cotton Parchment

Passes the strictest of PH-acidity marker tests. 

Expertly Sized

Internally sized with the professional artist in mind for watercolours, fountain pens, pencils, ballpoint pens and just about every type of artistic media.


Feel the difference

The smooth texture makes this wonderful to write on and its archive-quality manufacturing will ensure that whatever you put in your journal will last a lifetime.


Poetic Earth has partnered with a family-owned company that has been in the handmade paper-making business for almost 150 unbroken years. Our journals contain premium quality handmade linen parchment that passes the strictest of PH-acidity marker tests. the environmentally friendly paper is wonderful for all types of media such as watercolors, fountain pens or any type of pencil and ballpoint pens you can think of.